Renaissance package where technological innovation will become the "breaking" key China
Release time:2016-08-03

Recently, Huaxing capital founder package where Mr. guest lecture really. Bao fan who shares his views on the current pattern of China's current business. Bao fan:

①Mode innovation can not break the pattern of BAT monopoly, technological innovation is the key to breaking the bureau;

②Although there are differences in the domestic and foreign capital markets, but each has its advantages and disadvantages, the capital is nothing more than financing and cash, the start-up companies should choose their own market development;

③The premise of the enterprise merger is that both sides make concessions, and the final two sides are able to merge successfully, but also because of the ultimate goal of the two sides.

The following is a package where mr.:

1、China's current entrepreneurial situation

The real development of China's Internet should be in 2005 Baidu listed in the year before and after, in recent years, the head of the Internet Co, the stronger, in China BAT,The United States has FANGRefers toFacebookRefers to Amazon是指 NetflixRefers to Google)。Don't know there are not interested in geopolitical friends here, I think the situation is a bit like China, the United States, Russia, the country in wrestling,Everyone stayed younger in the site, and some little brother doing doing to replace the status of big brother。

Startups should be clear, not to say that there is aSuper powers,Their small country is not good, but to recognize the situation, to choose their own direction. The recent wave of mobile Internet wave is not a lot of powerful companies out of it? Like drops, and new Jingdong, today's headlines, Ctrip, hungry, each is a king. How did they come out? Important thing is to do the giants can not do, or that the giants did not have time to do.They ripped a slash, and make good use of the contradiction between the giant, maneuvers, and quickly to strengthen the its position in the market.

So this pattern will not change? I think it's going to be.The past few waves can not be regarded as the real sense of technology innovation driven, but the innovation of business model.Business model is afraid of fear in, you just have to be giant touch out the ins and outs, you are able to do, it is able to do, to fight to the last is to fight the resources, natural advantages and returned to the giant hands.

I think the next few years, artificial intelligence, big data, including the development of life science and information technology, will makeTechnological innovation really become China's currentBreakingKey,This is a good thing for both entrepreneurs and investors.

2、Differences in the future development of domestic and foreign capital market

Capital markets at home and abroad are not quite the same, there are differences in values and standards.

first,China's capital market to take access to the system, you want to go to the company Shares listed, need to be approved by relevant agencies.And in the United States as long as the basic qualifications can be listed, there is someone to buy your stock on the line. This means that the domestic The "shell" of a company is very valuable, as it is to the north of the Guangzhou Shenzhen account. Last year caused a hot debate is difficult to implement the registration system, the reason lies in this: if the household registration is canceled, the old Shanghai old Beijing people how to do? this 3000 family Stock listed companies, each of which has a shell 30 Billions of value, the registration system involves a lot of interest.

其次,China's capital market, about 80% of the retail, while the United States has 80% institutional investors.For example, a table of ten people playing cards, if they are all professional players, or professional players accounted for eight, then this table can only rely on the ability to eat. And if only two professional players with eight amateur players, the play is different, the two professional players will not work against each other, but want to work together to earn the rest of the eight amateur players. As the saying goes, cut the Chinese, cut off a wave for a while, waiting for the kind of up and then cut a wave.

Of course, the domestic capital market still has a lot of advantages.Capital market is nothing more than for two purposes, financing and cash.domestic Stock market is very convenient, the liquidity of listed companies than in the United States many convenience, which is a few people want to see.For entrepreneurs, you need to see your company more suitable in which market development, can let the company to achieve the optimal allocation of resources in the market is a good market.

3、Those things about enterprise mergers and acquisitions

In recent years, almost all the famous merger cases, Huaxing are involved in.

Frankly, if the negotiations both sides want the same thing, the merger will not be successful, tip to maimang certainly do not make a deal.In fact, asked to the depths of the soul, everyone wants something is not the same.

Some people want, some people want, want to be emperor, would have to withdraw from the cession of shares, give enough dollars bearing. They are for the next step in the development of the company, the transfer of shares and cash are astronomical, but this is indeed in order to allow the company to go further. , of course, exit, although getting the financial freedom, the in the mind is also five flavours miscellaneous Chen, founded his own company, nature is like a child as indivisible.butIt is the ultimate purpose of people's pursuit of differences, it makes those outstanding companies to end the confrontation, the possibility of a merger.